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lxc-user-nic(1) lxc-user-nic(1)


lxc-user-nic - Manage nics in another network namespace


create {lxcpath} {name} {pid} {type} {bridge} {container nicname}

delete {lxcpath} {name} {path to network namespace} {type} {bridge} {container nicname}


lxc-user-nic is a setuid-root program with which unprivileged users may manage network interfaces for use by a lxc container.

It will consult the configuration file /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet to determine the number of interfaces which the calling user is allowed to create, and which bridge he may attach them to. It tracks the number of interfaces each user has created using the file /run/lxc/nics. It ensures that the calling user is privileged over the network namespace to which the interface will be attached. lxc-user-nic also allows one to delete network devices. Currently only ovs ports can be deleted.


The path of the container. This is currently not used.
The name of the container. This is currently not used.
The process id for the task to whose network namespace the interface should be attached.
The network interface type to attach. Currently only veth is supported. With this type, two interfaces representing each tunnel endpoint are created. One endpoint will be attached to the specified bridge, while the other will be passed into the container.
The bridge to which to attach the network interface, for instance lxcbr0.
The desired interface name in the container. This will be eth0 if unspecified.
A path to open to get a file descriptor for the target network namespace. This is only relevant when an veth device is deleted.


lxc(1), lxc-start(1), lxc-usernet(5)


Christian Brauner <>

Serge Hallyn <>

Daniel Lezcano <>