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() ()
Usage: module [options] sub-command [args ...]

-h -? -H --help This help message
-s availStyle --style=availStyle Site controlled avail style: system
(default: system)
--regression_testing Lmod regression testing
-D Program tracing written to stderr
--debug=dbglvl Program tracing written to stderr
--pin_versions=pinVersions When doing a restore use specified
version, do not follow defaults
-d --default List default modules only when used with
-q --quiet Do not print out warnings
--topic=topic help topics: modfuncs envvars
--expert Expert mode
-t --terse Write out in machine readable format for
commands: list, avail, spider, savelist
--initial_load loading Lmod for first time in a user
--latest Load latest (ignore default)
--ignore_cache Treat the cache file(s) as out-of-date
--novice Turn off expert and quiet flag
--raw Print modulefile in raw output when used
with show
-w twidth --width=twidth Use this as max term width
-v --version Print version info and quit
-r --regexp use regular expression match
--gitversion Dump git version in a machine readable
way and quit
--dumpversion Dump version in a machine readable way
and quit
--localvar=localvarA local variables needed to be set after
this commands execution
--check_syntax --checkSyntax Checking module command syntax: do not
--config Report Lmod Configuration
--config-json Report Lmod Configuration in json format
--mt Report Module Table State
--timer report run times
--force force removal of a sticky module or save
an empty collection
--redirect Send the output of list, avail, spider
to stdout (not stderr)
--no_redirect Force output of list, avail and spider
to stderr
--show_hidden Avail and spider will report hidden
--spider_timeout=timeout a timeout for spider

module [options] sub-command [args ...]

Help sub-commands: ------------------
help prints this message
help module [...] print help message from module(s)

Loading/Unloading sub-commands: -------------------------------
load | add module [...] load module(s)
try-load | try-add module [...] Add module(s), do not complain if not
del | unload module [...] Remove module(s), do not complain if not
swap | sw | switch m1 m2 unload m1 and load m2
purge unload all modules
refresh reload aliases from current list of
update reload all currently loaded modules.

Listing / Searching sub-commands: ---------------------------------
list List loaded modules
list s1 s2 ... List loaded modules that match the
avail | av List available modules
avail | av string List available modules that contain
spider List all possible modules
spider module List all possible version of that module
spider string List all module that contain the
spider name/version Detailed information about that version
of the module.
whatis module Print whatis information about module
keyword | key string Search all name and whatis that contain

Searching with Lmod: --------------------
All searching (spider, list, avail, keyword) support regular expressions:

spider -r '^p' Finds all the modules that start with
`p' or `P'
spider -r mpi Finds all modules that have "mpi" in
their name.
spider -r 'mpi$ Finds all modules that end with "mpi" in
their name.

Handling a collection of modules: --------------------------------
save | s Save the current list of modules to a
user defined "default" collection.
save | s name Save the current list of modules to
"name" collection.
reset The same as "restore system"
restore | r Restore modules from the user's
"default" or system default.
restore | r name Restore modules from "name" collection.
restore system Restore module state to system defaults.
savelist List of saved collections.
describe | mcc name Describe the contents of a module

Deprecated commands: --------------------
getdefault [name] load name collection of modules or
user's "default" if no name given.
===> Use "restore" instead <====
setdefault [name] Save current list of modules to name if
given, otherwise save as the default
list for you the user.
===> Use "save" instead. <====

Miscellaneous sub-commands: ---------------------------
show modulefile show the commands in the module file.
use [-a] path Prepend or Append path to MODULEPATH.
unuse path remove path from MODULEPATH.
tablelist output list of active modules as a lua

Important Environment Variables: --------------------------------
LMOD_COLORIZE If defined to be "YES" then Lmod prints
properties and warning in color.


Lmod Web Sites

TACC Homepage:

To report a bug please read

Modules based on Lua: Version 6.6 2016-10-13 13:28 -05:00
by Robert McLay