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SVN::Web::Revision(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation SVN::Web::Revision(3pm)


SVN::Web::Revision - SVN::Web action to view a repository revision


In config.yaml

      class: SVN::Web::Revision
        max_diff_size: 200_000
        show_diff: 1 # or 0


Shows information about a specific revision in a Subversion repository.


The following configuration options may be specified in config.yaml.

If showing the diff (see "show_diff"), this determines the maximum size of the diff that will be shown. If the size of the generated diff (in bytes) is larger than this figure then it is not shown.

Defaults to 200,000 bytes.

Boolean indicating whether or not a diff of every file that was changed in the revision should be shown.

Defaults to 1.


The revision to show. If not provided then use the repository's youngest revision.


Always "revision".
The revision that is being shown.
The repository's youngest revision. This is useful when constructing "next revision" and "previous revision" links.
The date on which the revision was committed, formatted according to "Time and date formatting" in SVN::Web.
The revision's author.
The log message associated with this revision.
A hash of hash refs. Each key is a path name. The value is a further hash ref with the following keys.
A boolean value, true if the given path is a directory.
A SVN::Web::DiffParser object representing the diff. This may be undef, if the generated diff was larger than "max_diff_size" or if "show_diff" is false.
The size of the generated diff (before parsing).
The configured maximum diff size.
A single letter indicating the action that carried out on the path. A file was either added "A", modified "M", replaced "R", or deleted "D".
If the file was copied from another file then this is the path of the source of the copy.
If the file was copied from another file then this is the revision of the file that it was copied form.


(revision %1 does not exist)
The given revision does not exist in the repository.


Copyright 2003-2004 by Chia-liang Kao "<>".

Copyright 2005-2007 by Nik Clayton "<>".

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

See <>

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