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Information on contributing to SVN::Web


If you interested in contributing to SVN::Web there are several areas that could definitely benefit from third party improvement.


All the English text in the templates should be localised. This makes creating a new localisation as simple as adding the appropriate message catalog file to lib/SVN/Web/I18N/. If you have taken the time to localise SVN::Web to your own language please send the message catalog to the maintainers for inclusion in future releases.


It is very easy to change SVN::Web's look by creating a new set of templates and adjusting the "templatedir" configuration directive. If you've created a new template set (perhaps to have SVN::Web's output mimic that of another web based repository browser) then please contribute it back to the maintainers for inclusion in future releases.

New actions

SVN::Web's design makes it simple to add new actions. See SVN::Web::action for details.

If you've created a new action then please contribute it back to the maintainers for inclusion in future releases.

Some ideas for new actions include:

Would display help to the user.
Similar to the "rss" action, but generating ATOM format output instead.

Or look on CPAN for SVN related modules that could be usefully integrated. Perhaps SVN::Log::Index or SVN::Churn could form the basis of useful actions.

Bug reports and fixes

Of course, if you discover any bugs in SVN::Web please report them back to the maintainers. It's even more useful if you're able to include a test case that reliably reproduces the bug.

Naturally, fixes for these bugs are even more useful. Please see the "BUGS" in SVN::Web section in SVN::Web for information about reporting bugs.

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