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std::tr2(3cxx) std::tr2(3cxx)


std::tr2 - ISO C++ TR2 entities toplevel namespace is std::tr2.



Implementation details not part of the namespace std::tr2 interface.


struct __dynamic_bitset_base
struct __reflection_typelist
struct __reflection_typelist< _First, _Rest... >
Partial specialization. struct __reflection_typelist<>
Specialization for an empty typelist. struct bases
Sequence abstraction metafunctions for manipulating a typelist. class bool_set
struct direct_bases
Enumerate all the direct base classes of a class. Form of a typelist. class dynamic_bitset
The dynamic_bitset class represents a sequence of bits.


bool certainly (bool_set __b)
bool contains (bool_set __s, bool_set __t)
bool equals (bool_set __s, bool_set __t)
bool is_emptyset (bool_set __b)
bool is_indeterminate (bool_set __b)
bool is_singleton (bool_set __b)
bool_set operator!= (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set operator!= (bool_set __s, bool __t)
bool_set operator!= (bool_set __s, bool_set __t)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > bool operator!= (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__lhs, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__rhs)
These comparisons for equality/inequality are, well, bitwise. bool_set operator& (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set operator& (bool_set __s, bool __t)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > operator& (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__y)
Global bitwise operations on bitsets. template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > operator- (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__y)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits , typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > std::basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits > & operator<< (std::basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits > &__os, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x)
Stream output operator for dynamic_bitset. template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > bool operator<= (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__lhs, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__rhs)
bool_set operator== (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set operator== (bool_set __s, bool __t)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > bool operator> (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__lhs, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__rhs)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > bool operator>= (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__lhs, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__rhs)
template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits , typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > std::basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits > & operator>> (std::basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits > &__is, dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x)
Stream input operator for dynamic_bitset. bool_set operator^ (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set operator^ (bool_set __s, bool __t)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > operator^ (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__y)
bool_set operator| (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set operator| (bool_set __s, bool __t)
template<typename _WordT , typename _Alloc > dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > operator| (const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__x, const dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc > &__y)
bool possibly (bool_set __b)
bool_set set_complement (bool_set __b)
bool_set set_intersection (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set set_intersection (bool_set __s, bool __t)
bool_set set_intersection (bool_set __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set set_union (bool __s, bool_set __t)
bool_set set_union (bool_set __s, bool __t)
bool_set set_union (bool_set __s, bool_set __t)

Detailed Description

ISO C++ TR2 entities toplevel namespace is std::tr2.


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