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std::regex_traits< _Ch_type >(3cxx) std::regex_traits< _Ch_type >(3cxx)


std::regex_traits< _Ch_type > - Describes aspects of a regular expression.


Public Types

typedef _RegexMask char_class_type
typedef _Ch_type char_type
typedef std::locale locale_type
typedef std::basic_string< char_type > string_type

Public Member Functions

regex_traits ()
Constructs a default traits object. locale_type getloc () const
Gets a copy of the current locale in use by the regex_traits object. locale_type imbue (locale_type __loc)
Imbues the regex_traits object with a copy of a new locale. bool isctype (_Ch_type __c, char_class_type __f) const
Determines if c is a member of an identified class. template<typename _Fwd_iter > char_class_type lookup_classname (_Fwd_iter __first, _Fwd_iter __last, bool __icase=false) const
Maps one or more characters to a named character classification. template<typename _Fwd_iter > string_type lookup_collatename (_Fwd_iter __first, _Fwd_iter __last) const
Gets a collation element by name. template<typename _Fwd_iter > string_type transform (_Fwd_iter __first, _Fwd_iter __last) const
Gets a sort key for a character sequence. template<typename _Fwd_iter > string_type transform_primary (_Fwd_iter __first, _Fwd_iter __last) const
Gets a sort key for a character sequence, independent of case. char_type translate (char_type __c) const
Performs the identity translation. char_type translate_nocase (char_type __c) const
Translates a character into a case-insensitive equivalent. int value (_Ch_type __ch, int __radix) const
Converts a digit to an int.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::size_t length (const char_type *__p)
Gives the length of a C-style string starting at __p.

Protected Attributes

locale_type _M_locale

Detailed Description

template<typename _Ch_type>

class std::regex_traits< _Ch_type >" Describes aspects of a regular expression.

A regular expression traits class that satisfies the requirements of section [28.7].

The class regex is parameterized around a set of related types and functions used to complete the definition of its semantics. This class satisfies the requirements of such a traits class.

Definition at line 80 of file regex.h.


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