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std::regex_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >(3cxx) std::regex_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >(3cxx)


std::regex_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >


Public Types

typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef std::forward_iterator_tag iterator_category
typedef const value_type * pointer
typedef const value_type & reference
typedef basic_regex< _Ch_type, _Rx_traits > regex_type
typedef match_results< _Bi_iter > value_type

Public Member Functions

regex_iterator ()=default
Provides a singular iterator, useful for indicating one-past-the-end of a range. regex_iterator (_Bi_iter __a, _Bi_iter __b, const regex_type &__re, regex_constants::match_flag_type __m=regex_constants::match_default)
regex_iterator (_Bi_iter, _Bi_iter, const regex_type &&, regex_constants::match_flag_type=regex_constants::match_default)=delete
regex_iterator (const regex_iterator &)=default
Copy constructs a regex_iterator. bool operator!= (const regex_iterator &__rhs) const noexcept
Tests the inequivalence of two regex iterators. const value_type & operator* () const noexcept
Dereferences a regex_iterator. regex_iterator & operator++ ()
Increments a regex_iterator. regex_iterator operator++ (int)
Postincrements a regex_iterator. const value_type * operator-> () const noexcept
Selects a regex_iterator member. regex_iterator & operator= (const regex_iterator &)=default
Copy assigns one regex_iterator to another. bool operator== (const regex_iterator &) const noexcept
Tests the equivalence of two regex iterators.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Bi_iter, typename _Ch_type = typename iterator_traits<_Bi_iter>::value_type, typename _Rx_traits = regex_traits<_Ch_type>>

class std::regex_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >" An iterator adaptor that will provide repeated calls of regex_search over a range until no more matches remain.

Definition at line 2513 of file regex.h.


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