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std::promise< _Res >(3cxx) std::promise< _Res >(3cxx)


std::promise< _Res > - Primary template for promise.


Public Member Functions

template<typename _Allocator > promise (allocator_arg_t, const _Allocator &, promise &&__rhs)
template<typename _Allocator > promise (allocator_arg_t, const _Allocator &__a)
promise (const promise &)=delete
promise (promise &&__rhs) noexcept
future< _Res > get_future ()
promise & operator= (const promise &)=delete
promise & operator= (promise &&__rhs) noexcept
void set_exception (exception_ptr __p)
void set_exception_at_thread_exit (exception_ptr __p)
void set_value (_Res &&__r)
void set_value (const _Res &__r)
void set_value_at_thread_exit (_Res &&__r)
void set_value_at_thread_exit (const _Res &__r)
void swap (promise &__rhs) noexcept


template<typename , typename > class _State::_Setter

Detailed Description

template<typename _Res>

class std::promise< _Res >" Primary template for promise.

Definition at line 1043 of file future.


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