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std::experimental::filesystem::path::iterator(3cxx) std::experimental::filesystem::path::iterator(3cxx)


std::experimental::filesystem::path::iterator - An iterator for the components of a path.


Public Types

using difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t
using iterator_category = std::bidirectional_iterator_tag
using pointer = const path *
using reference = const path &
using value_type = path

Public Member Functions

iterator (const iterator &)=default
iterator operator++ (int)
iterator operator-- (int)
pointer operator-> () const
iterator & operator= (const iterator &)=default


bool operator!= (const iterator &__lhs, const iterator &__rhs)
bool operator== (const iterator &__lhs, const iterator &__rhs)
class path

reference operator* () const
iterator & operator++ ()
iterator & operator-- ()

Detailed Description

An iterator for the components of a path.

Definition at line 757 of file experimental/bits/fs_path.h.


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