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std::bitset< _Nb >::reference(3cxx) std::bitset< _Nb >::reference(3cxx)


std::bitset< _Nb >::reference


Public Member Functions

reference (bitset &__b, size_t __pos) noexcept
reference (const reference &)=default
reference & flip () noexcept
operator bool () const noexcept
reference & operator= (bool __x) noexcept
reference & operator= (const reference &__j) noexcept
bool operator~ () const noexcept


class bitset

Detailed Description

template<size_t _Nb>

class std::bitset< _Nb >::reference" This encapsulates the concept of a single bit. An instance of this class is a proxy for an actual bit; this way the individual bit operations are done as faster word-size bitwise instructions.

Most users will never need to use this class directly; conversions to and from bool are automatic and should be transparent. Overloaded operators help to preserve the illusion.

(On a typical system, this bit reference is 64 times the size of an actual bit. Ha.)

Definition at line 802 of file bitset.


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