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std::aligned_union< _Len, _Types >(3cxx) std::aligned_union< _Len, _Types >(3cxx)


std::aligned_union< _Len, _Types > - Provide aligned storage for types.


Public Types

typedef aligned_storage< _S_len, alignment_value >::type type
The storage.

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t alignment_value
The value of the strictest alignment of _Types.

Detailed Description

template<size_t _Len, typename... _Types>

struct std::aligned_union< _Len, _Types >" Provide aligned storage for types.


Provides aligned storage for any of the provided types of at least size _Len.

See also


Definition at line 1964 of file type_traits.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<size_t _Len, typename... _Types> typedef aligned_storage<_S_len, alignment_value>::type std::aligned_union< _Len, _Types >::type

The storage.

Definition at line 1976 of file type_traits.


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