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std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __cache_hash_code >(3cxx) std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __cache_hash_code >(3cxx)


std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __cache_hash_code >


Detailed Description

template<typename _Key, typename _Value, typename _ExtractKey, typename _H1, typename _H2, typename _Hash, bool __cache_hash_code>

struct std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __cache_hash_code >" Primary class template _Local_iterator_base.

Base class for local iterators, used to iterate within a bucket but not between buckets.

Definition at line 1144 of file hashtable_policy.h.


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