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std::__detail::_Local_const_iterator< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __constant_iterators, __cache >(3cxx) std::__detail::_Local_const_iterator< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __constant_iterators, __cache >(3cxx)


std::__detail::_Local_const_iterator< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __constant_iterators, __cache > - local const_iterators


Inherits std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __cache >.

Public Types

typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef std::forward_iterator_tag iterator_category
typedef const _Value * pointer
typedef const _Value & reference
typedef _Value value_type

Public Member Functions

_Local_const_iterator (const __hash_code_base &__base, _Hash_node< _Value, __cache > *__p, std::size_t __bkt, std::size_t __bkt_count)
_Local_const_iterator (const _Local_iterator< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __constant_iterators, __cache > &__x)
reference operator* () const
_Local_const_iterator & operator++ ()
_Local_const_iterator operator++ (int)
pointer operator-> () const

Detailed Description

template<typename _Key, typename _Value, typename _ExtractKey, typename _H1, typename _H2, typename _Hash, bool __constant_iterators, bool __cache>

struct std::__detail::_Local_const_iterator< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _H1, _H2, _Hash, __constant_iterators, __cache >" local const_iterators

Definition at line 1702 of file hashtable_policy.h.


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