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std::__detail::_Hashtable_alloc< _NodeAlloc >(3cxx) std::__detail::_Hashtable_alloc< _NodeAlloc >(3cxx)


std::__detail::_Hashtable_alloc< _NodeAlloc >


Inherits std::__detail::_Hashtable_ebo_helper< 0, _NodeAlloc >.

Public Types

using __bucket_alloc_traits = std::allocator_traits< __bucket_alloc_type >
using __bucket_alloc_type = __alloc_rebind< __node_alloc_type, __bucket_type >
using __bucket_type = __node_base *
using __node_alloc_traits = __gnu_cxx::__alloc_traits< __node_alloc_type >
using __node_alloc_type = _NodeAlloc
using __node_base = __detail::_Hash_node_base
using __node_type = typename _NodeAlloc::value_type
using __value_alloc_traits = typename __node_alloc_traits::template rebind_traits< typename __node_type::value_type >

Public Member Functions

template<typename _Alloc > _Hashtable_alloc (_Alloc &&__a)
_Hashtable_alloc (_Hashtable_alloc &&)=default
_Hashtable_alloc (const _Hashtable_alloc &)=default
__bucket_type * _M_allocate_buckets (std::size_t __n)
template<typename... _Args> __node_type * _M_allocate_node (_Args &&... __args)
void _M_deallocate_buckets (__bucket_type *, std::size_t __n)
void _M_deallocate_node (__node_type *__n)
void _M_deallocate_node_ptr (__node_type *__n)
void _M_deallocate_nodes (__node_type *__n)
__node_alloc_type & _M_node_allocator ()
const __node_alloc_type & _M_node_allocator () const

Detailed Description

template<typename _NodeAlloc>

struct std::__detail::_Hashtable_alloc< _NodeAlloc >" This type deals with all allocation and keeps an allocator instance through inheritance to benefit from EBO when possible.

Definition at line 2017 of file hashtable_policy.h.


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