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std::_Reference_wrapper_base< _Tp >(3cxx) std::_Reference_wrapper_base< _Tp >(3cxx)


std::_Reference_wrapper_base< _Tp >


Inherits std::_Weak_result_type< _Tp >, std::_Refwrap_base_arg1< _Tp, typename >, and std::_Refwrap_base_arg2< _Tp, typename >.

Inherited by std::_Reference_wrapper_base_memfun< remove_cv< _Tp >::type >, and std::_Reference_wrapper_base_memfun< _Tp, bool >.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>

struct std::_Reference_wrapper_base< _Tp >" Derives from unary_function or binary_function when it can. Specializations handle all of the easy cases. The primary template determines what to do with a class type, which may derive from both unary_function and binary_function.

Definition at line 214 of file refwrap.h.


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