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std::__future_base(3cxx) std::__future_base(3cxx)


std::__future_base - Base class and enclosing scope.


Inherited by std::__basic_future< void >, std::__basic_future< _Res & >, and std::__basic_future< _Res >.


struct _Result
A result object that has storage for an object of type _Res. struct _Result< _Res & >
Partial specialization for reference types. struct _Result< void >
Explicit specialization for void. struct _Result_alloc
A result object that uses an allocator. struct _Result_base
Base class for results.

Public Types

template<typename _Res > using _Ptr = unique_ptr< _Res, _Result_base::_Deleter >
A unique_ptr for result objects. using _State_base = _State_baseV2

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename _Res , typename _Allocator > static _Ptr< _Result_alloc< _Res, _Allocator > > _S_allocate_result (const _Allocator &__a)
template<typename _Res , typename _Tp > static _Ptr< _Result< _Res > > _S_allocate_result (const std::allocator< _Tp > &__a)
template<typename _BoundFn > static std::shared_ptr< _State_base > _S_make_async_state (_BoundFn &&__fn)
template<typename _BoundFn > static std::shared_ptr< _State_base > _S_make_deferred_state (_BoundFn &&__fn)
template<typename _Res_ptr , typename _BoundFn > static _Task_setter< _Res_ptr, _BoundFn > _S_task_setter (_Res_ptr &__ptr, _BoundFn &__call)

Detailed Description

Base class and enclosing scope.

Definition at line 198 of file future.


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