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__gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc >(3cxx) __gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc > - A meta-allocator with debugging bits.


Public Types

typedef _Traits::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef _Traits::const_reference const_reference
typedef _Traits::difference_type difference_type
typedef _Traits::pointer pointer
typedef _Traits::reference reference
typedef _Traits::size_type size_type
typedef _Traits::value_type value_type

Public Member Functions

debug_allocator (const _Alloc &__a)
template<typename _Alloc2 > debug_allocator (const debug_allocator< _Alloc2 > &__a2, typename __convertible< _Alloc2 >::__type=0)
pointer allocate (size_type __n)
pointer allocate (size_type __n, const void *__hint)
template<typename _Tp , typename... _Args> void construct (_Tp *__p, _Args &&... __args)
void construct (pointer __p, const value_type &__val)
void deallocate (pointer __p, size_type __n)
template<typename _Tp > void destroy (_Tp *__p)
size_type max_size () const throw ()


template<typename _Alloc2 > bool operator!= (const debug_allocator &__lhs, const debug_allocator< _Alloc2 > &__rhs) noexcept
template<typename _Alloc2 > bool operator== (const debug_allocator &__lhs, const debug_allocator< _Alloc2 > &__rhs) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename _Alloc>

class __gnu_cxx::debug_allocator< _Alloc >" A meta-allocator with debugging bits.

This is precisely the allocator defined in the C++03 Standard.

Definition at line 60 of file debug_allocator.h.


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