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SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser(3pm)


SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser - Convert SOAP messages to custom object trees


 my $parser = SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser->new({
    class_resolver => 'My::Resolver'
 $parser->parse( $xml );
 my $obj = $parser->get_data();


Real fast expat based SOAP message parser.

See SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Parser for details.

Skipping unwanted items

Sometimes there's unnecessary information transported in SOAP messages.

To skip XML nodes (including all child nodes), just edit the type map for the message, set the type map entry to '__SKIP__', and comment out all child elements you want to skip.

Bugs and Limitations

  • Ignores all namespaces
  • Does not handle mixed content
  • The SOAP header is ignored


Replace the whitespace by @ for E-Mail Address.

 Martin Kutter E<lt>martin.kutter fen-net.deE<gt>


Copyright 2004-2007 Martin Kutter.

This file is part of SOAP-WSDL. You may distribute/modify it under the same terms as perl itself

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