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semanage_count(3) Libsemanage API documentation semanage_count(3)


semanage_count - SELinux Management API


The following count function is supported for any semanage record.
Replace the function and object name as necessary.

extern int COUNT_FUNCTION (
semanage_handle_t *handle,
unsigned int* response);


The count function will return the number of all objects in the selected location.

The handle is used to track persistent state across semanage calls, and for error reporting. The number of objects will be stored at the location pointed by response.

This function requires an semanage connection to be established (see semanage_connect(3) )


In case of failure, -1 is returned, and the semanage error callback is invoked, describing the error. Otherwise a non-negative integer is returned (a commit number). The same number will be returned by all other semanage object read calls until the next commit.


semanage_handle_create(3), semanage_connect(3),

16 March 2006