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PWIZLITE(3) pwizlite PWIZLITE(3)


pwizlite - Custom reduced Proteowizard library


pwizlite is a shared object library (
.so file)
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The pwizlite shared object library is a reduced copy of the Proteowizard libpwiz library. The pwizlite library only contains code that allows the user to load XML-based standard mass spectrometry formats: mzXML and mzML and MGF files.

Rationale: The Proteowizard project uses the Boost BJam build system to build their library and binary images. The source tree contains all the libraries that libpwiz depends upon. The configuration of BJam is so complicated that making the build system use the system-based libraries is terribly difficult. The Proteowizard project used to maintain an autotools build system port for GNU/Linux users. But that has been discontinued.

Many projects (and mine also) have resorted to using a reduced set of libpwiz source files only directed at building the XML-based and MGF format file-loading capabilities. In my packaging experience, at least one package makes use of such a subset copy of libpwiz. Having a package like pwizlite in Debian will ease packaging of all the other packages.


  • To include files from the pwizlite library, write an inclusion statement of this sort:

    #include <pwizlite/pwiz/<path>/<to>/<file.h>

  • To link to the pwizlite library add a linker flag: -lpwizlite.
  • To CMake-find the package: find_package(PwizLite)
  • To CMake-configure the package: find_package(PwizLiteConfig.cmake)
  • To use the pkgconfig system: pkg-config --help pkg-config --libs pwizlite


This man page was written by Filippo Rusconi <>.


Filippo Rusconi <>


Filippo Rusconi

20200601 1