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PMEMPOOL_RM(3) PMDK Programmer's Manual PMEMPOOL_RM(3)


pmempool_rm() - remove persistent memory pool


#include <libpmempool.h>
int pmempool_rm(const char *path, int flags);


The pmempool_rm() function removes the pool pointed to by path. The path can point to a regular file, device dax or pool set file. If path is a pool set file, pmempool_rm() will remove all part files from local replicas using unlink(2), and all remote replicas using rpmem_remove(3) (see librpmem(7)), before removing the pool set file itself.

The flags argument determines the behavior of pmempool_rm(). It is either 0 or the bitwise OR of one or more of the following flags:

PMEMPOOL_RM_FORCE - Ignore all errors when removing part files from local or remote replicas.
PMEMPOOL_RM_POOLSET_LOCAL - Also remove local pool set file.
PMEMPOOL_RM_POOLSET_REMOTE - Also remove remote pool set file.


On success, pmempool_rm() returns 0. On error, it returns -1 and sets errno accordingly.


rpmem_remove(3), unlink(3), libpmemlog(7), libpmemobj(7), librpmem(7) and <>

2020-10-28 PMDK - pmempool API version 1.3