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Plucene::Search::TermQuery(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Plucene::Search::TermQuery(3pm)


Plucene::Search::TermQuery - a query that contains a term


        # isa Plucene::Search::Query
        my       $ssw = $term_query->sum_squared_weights($searcher);
        my $as_string = $term_query->as_string($field);


A query that matches a document containing a term.

Term query are the simplest possible Plucene queries and are used to match a single word. Term queries are represented by instances of the TermQuery class and contain the desired term (word) and a field name, both are case sensitive.

The field specified in a Term query must be a document field that was specified as 'indexible' during the indexing process. If the field was specified during indexing as 'tokenized' than the term will be matched against each of tokens (words) found in that field, otherwise, it will be matched against the entire content of that field.

A term query may have an optional boost factor (default = 1.0) that allows to increase or decrease the ranking of documents it matches.


term / idf / weight

Get / set these attributes


        my $ssw = $term_query->sum_squared_weights($searcher);

This will return the sum squared weights for the passed in searcher.




        my $as_string = $term_query->as_string($field);
2018-04-02 perl v5.26.1