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Plucene::Search::PhraseQuery(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Plucene::Search::PhraseQuery(3pm)


Plucene::Search::PhraseQuery - A query that matchs a phrase


        # isa Plucene::Search::Query


A Query that matches documents containing a particular sequence of terms.

A phrase query represents a query that is matched against a consecutive sequence of terms in the field. For example, the phrase query 'winding road' should match 'winding road' but not 'road winding' (with the exception of more relaxed slop factors).

Phrase queries are represented in Plucene's API by instances of the PharseQuery class. These instances contain an ordered list of Term objects that represent the terms to match. For obvious reasons, all terms in a PhraseQuery must refer to the same field.

A phrase query may have an optional boost factor and an optional slop parameter (default = 0). The slop parameter can be used to relax the phrase matching by accepting somewhat out of order sequences of the terms.



Adds a term to the end of the query phrase.


The sum squared weights of this query.


Normalize the query.


Prints a user-readable version of this query.

2018-04-02 perl v5.26.1