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XmTargetsAreCompatible(3) Library Functions Manual XmTargetsAreCompatible(3)


XmTargetsAreCompatible — A function that tests whether the target types match between a drop site and source object "XmTargetsAreCompatible" "Drag and Drop functions" "XmTargetsAreCompatible"


#include <Xm/DragDrop.h>
Boolean XmTargetsAreCompatible(
Display *display,
Atom *export_targets,
Cardinal num_export_targets,
Atom *import_targets,
Cardinal num_import_targets);


XmTargetsAreCompatible determines whether the import targets of the destination match any of the export targets of a source. If there is at least one target in common, the function returns True.

Specifies the display connection.
Specifies the list of target atoms associated with the source object. This resource identifies the selection targets the source can convert to.
Specifies the number of entries in the list of export targets.
Specifies the list of targets to be checked against the XmNexportTargets of the source associated with the specified DragContext
Specifies the number of entries in the import_targets list.


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the destination targets are compatible with the source targets. If there is at least one target in common, the routine returns True; otherwise, returns False.


XmDragContext(3) and XmDropSite(3).