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Math::Symbolic::Parser::Precompiled(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Math::Symbolic::Parser::Precompiled(3pm)


Math::Symbolic::Parser::Precompiled - Precompiled Math::Symbolic Parser


This module is a precompiled version of the Parse::RecDescent grammar that can be found in $Math::Symbolic::Parser::Grammar. It is used internally to improve startup performance. Please use the new() method in the Math::Symbolic::Parser namespace to generate new parsers.

Also note that some modules on CPAN (like Math::SymbolicX::Complex, etc.) modify the parser which is stored in $Math::Symbolic::Parser at the time of loading the module.


Please send feedback, bug reports, and support requests to the Math::Symbolic support mailing list: math-symbolic-support at lists dot sourceforge dot net. Please consider letting us know how you use Math::Symbolic. Thank you.

If you're interested in helping with the development or extending the module's functionality, please contact the developers' mailing list: math-symbolic-develop at lists dot sourceforge dot net.

List of contributors:

  Steffen Mueller, symbolic-module at steffen-mueller dot net
  Stray Toaster, mwk at users dot sourceforge dot net
  Oliver Ebenhoeh


New versions of this module can be found on or CPAN. The module development takes place on Sourceforge at



2021-01-07 perl v5.32.0