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Log::Report::Translator::POT(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Log::Report::Translator::POT(3pm)


Log::Report::Translator::POT - translation based on POT files


   is a Log::Report::Translator


 # internal use
 my $msg = Log::Report::Message->new
   ( _msgid  => "Hello World\n"
   , _domain => 'my-domain'
 print Log::Report::Translator::POT
    ->new(lexicon => $dir)
    ->translate($msg, 'nl-BE');
 # normal use (end-users view in the program's ::main)
 textdomain 'my-domain'
   , translator =>  Log::Report::Translator::POT->new(lexicon => $dir);
 print __"Hello World\n";


Translate a message by directly accessing POT files. The files will load lazily (unless forced). This module accesses the PO's in a compact way, using Log::Report::Lexicon::POTcompact, which is much more efficient than Log::Report::Lexicon::PO.

Extends "DESCRIPTION" in Log::Report::Translator.


Extends "METHODS" in Log::Report::Translator.


Extends "Constructors" in Log::Report::Translator.

 -Option  --Default
  charset   <undef>
  lexicons  <see text>
Enforce character set for files. We default to reading the character-set as defined in the header of each PO file.
The DIRECTORY where the translations can be found. See Log::Report::Lexicon::Index for the expected structure of such DIRECTORY.

The default is based on the location of the module which instantiates this translator. The filename of the module is stripped from its ".pm" extension, and used as directory name. Within that directory, there must be a directory named "messages", which will be the root directory of a Log::Report::Lexicon::Index.

example: default lexicon directory

 # file xxx/perl5.8.8/My/
 use Log::Report 'my-domain'
   , translator => Log::Report::Translator::POT->new;
 # lexicon now in xxx/perl5.8.8/My/Module/messages/


Extends "Accessors" in Log::Report::Translator.

Returns the default charset, which can be overrule by the locale.
Returns a list of Log::Report::Lexicon::Index objects, where the translation files may be located.


Extends "Translating" in Log::Report::Translator.

$obj->load($domain, $locale)
Inherited, see "Translating" in Log::Report::Translator
$obj->translate( $message, [$language, $ctxt] )
Inherited, see "Translating" in Log::Report::Translator


This module is part of Log-Report-Lexicon distribution version 1.11, built on March 22, 2018. Website:


Copyrights 2007-2018 by [Mark Overmeer <>]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

2018-04-16 perl v5.26.1