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ldns(3) Library Functions Manual ldns(3)


ldns_axfr_start, ldns_axfr_next, ldns_axfr_abort, ldns_axfr_complete, ldns_axfr_last_pkt - functions for full zone transfer


#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

#include <ldns/ldns.h>


ldns_rr* ldns_axfr_next(ldns_resolver *resolver);

void ldns_axfr_abort(ldns_resolver *resolver);

bool ldns_axfr_complete(const ldns_resolver *resolver);

ldns_pkt* ldns_axfr_last_pkt(const ldns_resolver *res);



ldns_axfr_next() Get the next stream of RRs in a AXFR
resolver: the resolver to use. First ldns_axfr_start() must be called
Returns ldns_rr the next RR from the AXFR stream After you get this returned RR (not NULL: on error), then check if ldns_axfr_complete() is true to see if the zone transfer has completed.

ldns_axfr_abort() Abort a transfer that is in progress
resolver: the resolver that is used

ldns_axfr_complete() Returns true if the axfr transfer has completed (i.e. 2 SOA RRs and no errors were encountered
resolver: the resolver that is used
Returns bool true if axfr transfer was completed without error

ldns_axfr_last_pkt() Returns a pointer to the last ldns_pkt that was sent by the server in the AXFR transfer uasable for instance to get the error code on failure
res: the resolver that was used in the axfr transfer
Returns ldns_pkt the last packet sent


The ldns team at NLnet Labs.


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Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 NLnet Labs.

Licensed under the BSD License. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC4033, RFC4034 and RFC4035.


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30 May 2006