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GO-SHOW-PATHS-TO-ROOT(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation GO-SHOW-PATHS-TO-ROOT(1p)

NAME - shows all possible paths from a term to the top

SYNOPSIS -id GO:0008021 ontology/gene_ontology.obo -names -id GO:0008021 ontology/gene_ontology.obo


traverses DAG showing all paths (terms and intervening relationships) to the root

This script is purely file based; it needs to parse the ontology each time

Subsequent parses can be speeded up using the use_cache option

If you wish to use the GO MySQL db, see the script in the go-db-perl distribution



writes parse errors in XML - defaults to STDERR (there should be no parse errors in well formed files)


determines which parser to use; if left unspecified, will make a guess based on file suffix. See below for formats


If this switch is specified, then caching mode is turned on.

With caching mode, the first time you parse a file, then an additional file will be exported in a special format that is fast to parse. This file will have the same filename as the original file, except it will have the ".cache" suffix.

The next time you parse the file, this program will automatically check for the existence of the ".cache" file. If it exists, and is more recent than the file you specified, this is parsed instead. If it does not exist, it is rebuilt.



2021-01-09 perl v5.32.0