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GO::Parsers::go_ids_parser(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation GO::Parsers::go_ids_parser(3pm)


  GO::Parsers::go_ids_parser  - syntax parsing of flat files containing GO IDs.



do not use this class directly; use GO::Parser

This generates Stag/XML event streams from files containing GO IDs. Lines from such a file might be:

GO:0000003 GO:0000166 GO:0000228 GO:0000229 GO:0003674 GO:0003676 GO:0003677 GO:0003682

GO:0003700 GO:0003723 GO:0003774 GO:0003779 GO:0005634 GO:0005635 GO:0005654

See <> For the DTD of the event stream that is generated

2021-01-09 perl v5.32.0