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rtcCommitScene(3) Embree Ray Tracing Kernels 3 rtcCommitScene(3)


rtcCommitScene - commits scene changes


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>
void rtcCommitScene(RTCScene scene);


The rtcCommitScene function commits all changes for the specified scene (scene argument). This internally triggers building of a spatial acceleration structure for the scene using all available worker threads. Ray queries can be performed only after committing all scene changes.

If the application uses TBB 2019 Update 9 or later for parallelization of rendering, lazy scene construction during rendering is supported by rtcCommitScene. Therefore rtcCommitScene can get called from multiple TBB worker threads concurrently for the same scene. The rtcCommitScene function will then internally isolate the scene construction using a tbb::isolated_task_group. The alternative approach of using rtcJoinCommitScene which uses an tbb:task_arena internally, is not recommended due to it's high runtime overhead.

If scene geometries get modified or attached or detached, the rtcCommitScene call must be invoked before performing any further ray queries for the scene; otherwise the effect of the ray query is undefined. The modification of a geometry, committing the scene, and tracing of rays must always happen sequentially, and never at the same time. Any API call that sets a property of the scene or geometries contained in the scene count as scene modification, e.g. including setting of intersection filter functions.

The kind of acceleration structure built can be influenced using scene flags (see rtcSetSceneFlags), and the quality can be specified using the rtcSetSceneBuildQuality function.

Embree silently ignores primitives during spatial acceleration structure construction that would cause numerical issues, e.g. primitives containing NaNs, INFs, or values greater than 1.844E18f (as no reasonable calculations can be performed with such values without causing overflows).


On failure an error code is set that can be queried using rtcGetDeviceError.