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dskform(1) Emulators dskform(1)


dskform - floppy or image file formatter for emulated machines


dskform [-format FORMAT] [-type TYPE] [-side SIDE] [-comp COMP] [-retry COUNT] [-fat12] DISKIMAGE


Dskform is a formatter which formats floppy discs or disc images for use with emulated machines such as the ZX Spectrum +3, Amstrad CPC, and various Acorn machines. It does not create a filesystem on the disc or image.


Specifies a disc format to use. See the section DISK FORMATS for more information.

Determines which driver is to be used to format the disc or image.
Select according to the disc image file. This is the default.
Use the DSK (CPCEmu format) image driver.
Use the extended version of the DSK format.
Use the floppy driver.
Use the hard disk (MYZ80 format) image driver. (This format cannot be autodetected.)
Use the CFI (DOS fdcopy format) image driver. (This format cannot be autodetected.)
Use the ApriDisk image driver (used for archiving Apricot floppies). (This format cannot be autodetected.)
Use the raw driver.
Compress the disc image that is being generated (has no effect when formatting a real floppy disc).
Huffman compressed (SQ / USQ).
Gzipped (gzip / gunzip).

Set the number of times to attempt a format operation in case of error.

Determines which side (0 or 1) of the disc is to be formatted.

Create an empty PCDOS (FAT12) filesystem on the disc image.

Create an empty Apricot MSDOS filesystem on the disc image.


PCW or IBM; 180K. This is the default format.
CPC or +3 System
CPC or +3 Data
PCW or IBM 720K
PCW16 or IBM 1440K
IBM 160K or 320K (CP/M-86 or DOSPlus)
IBM 360K (DOSPlus)
IBM 720K, 1200K or 1440K (144FEAT)
Acorn ADFS 'S' or 'M'
Acorn ADFS 'L'
Acorn ADFS 'D' and 'E'/'E+'
Acorn ADFS 'F'/'F+'
PCW 200K (XCF2)
BBC Micro DFS (single sided, 40 tracks)
BBC Micro DFS (single sided, 80 tracks)


John Elliott <>.

Darren Salt wrote the man pages.

17 September 2018 Version 1.5.9