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Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated(3pm)


Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated - comma separated debian/control field abstraction


    my $f = Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated->new(
        'Joe M <joem@there.not>');
    $f->add('"Smith, Agent" <asmith@hasyou.not>, Joe M <joem@there.not>');
    print $f->as_string;
        # 'Joe M <joem@there.not>, "Smith, Agent" <asmith@hasyou.not>'
    print "$f";     # the same


Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated abstracts handling of comma-separated list of values, often found in debian/control file fields like Uploaders. Note that the various dependency fields in debian/control also use comma-separated values, but the Debian::Dependencies class is more suitable for these as it is for example also capable of finding overlapping dependency declarations.


The initial values list is parsed and may contain strings that are in fact comma-separated lists. These are split appropriately using Text::ParseWords' quotewords routine.


Returns text representation of the list. A simple join of the elements by ", ".

The same function is used for overloading the stringification operation.

Adds the given items to the list. Items that are already present are not added, keeping the list unique.
A handy method for sorting the list.
2021-02-26 perl v5.32.1