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Recordset::DBSeq(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Recordset::DBSeq(3pm)


DBIx::Recordset::DBSeq - Sequence generator in DBI database


 use DBIx::Recordset::DBSeq ;
 $self = DBIx::Recordset::DBSeq ($dbh, 'sequences', $min, $max) ;
 $val1 = $self -> NextVal ('foo') ;
 $val2 = $self -> NextVal ('foo') ;
 $val3 = $self -> NextVal ('bar') ;


DBIx::Recordset::FileSeq generates unique numbers. State is kept in the one table of a database accessible via DBI. With the new constructor you give an open database handle and specify the the table where state should be kept. Optionaly you can give a min and a max values, which will be used for new sequences.

With NextVal you can get the next value for the sequence of the given name.

The table must created in the following form:

create table
name varchar (32),
cnt integer,
maxcnt integer,
primary key name
) ;

If the sequence value reaches the maxcnt value, NextVal will die with an error message. If maxcnt contains "null" there is no limit.


G.Richter (


2021-01-05 perl v5.32.0