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DBIx::Class::Carp(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DBIx::Class::Carp(3pm)


DBIx::Class::Carp - Provides advanced Carp::Clan-like warning functions for DBIx::Class internals


Documentation is lacking on purpose - this an experiment not yet fit for mass consumption. If you use this do not count on any kind of stability, in fact don't even count on this module's continuing existence (it has been noindexed for a reason).

In addition to the classic interface:

  use DBIx::Class::Carp '^DBIx::Class'

this module also supports a class-data based way to specify the exclusion regex. A message is only carped from a callsite that matches neither the closed over string, nor the value of "_skip_namespace_frames" as declared on any callframe already skipped due to the same mechanism. This is to ensure that intermediate callsites can declare their own additional skip-namespaces.



A classdata attribute holding the stringified regex matching callsites that should be skipped by the carp methods below. An empty string "q{}" is treated like no setting/"undef" (the distinction is necessary due to semantics of the class data accessors provided by Class::Accessor::Grouped)


This module export the following 3 functions. Only warning related "carp*" is being handled here, for "croak"-ing you must use "throw_exception" in DBIx::Class::Schema or DBIx::Class::Exception.


Carps message with the file/line of the first callsite not matching "_skip_namespace_frames" nor the closed-over arguments to "use DBIx::Class::Carp".


Like "carp" but warns once for every distinct callsite (subject to the same ruleset as "carp").


Like "carp" but warns only once for the life of the perl interpreter (regardless of callsite).


Check the list of additional DBIC resources.


This module is free software copyright by the DBIx::Class (DBIC) authors. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the DBIx::Class library.

2018-04-19 perl v5.26.2