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DBD::Oracle::Troubleshooting::Aix(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DBD::Oracle::Troubleshooting::Aix(3pm)


DBD::Oracle::Troubleshooting::Aix - Tips and Hints to Troubleshoot DBD::Oracle on AIX


version 1.80

Using Visual Age 7 C Compiler

Oracle 9i is only certified as a 64-bit application on AIX 5L (5.1,5.2,5.3) with 32-bit support; in other words, there is no 9i "32-bit" Oracle client

Oracle 10g is certified as both a 64-bit application and a 32-bit Oracle client

This information only pertains to deploying:

    the DBI (version 1.48)
    and DBD-Oracle (version 1.16):
    on AIX 5.3
    using Oracle 9i (
    using the existing Perl 5.8.2 (no custom-built Perl) which is 32-bit
    using Visual Age 7.0 C/C++ compiler

Install the DBI (required for the DBD-Oracle install - no issues here) Untar the DBD-Oracle bundle Run Makefile.PL

    $ perl Makefile.PL

Edit Makefile with following commands:

    1,$s?/lib/ ?/lib32/ ?g

Now perform normal commands to perform the testing/making:

    $ make
    $ make test
    $ make install

I've tested the basics of the DBD-Oracle and it seems fully functional.

Stephen de Vries

Using gcc C Compiler

    DBD::Oracle with gcc and Oracle Instant Client on AIX
    Nathan Vonnahme     Dec 15 2005, 4:28 pm   Newsgroups: perl.dbi.users
    [ with updates 1/31/2006 - DBD::Oracle 1.17 doesn't need makefile hacking
    to work with instantclient on AIX ]
    Yes!  It eluded me last year but I finally got DBD::Oracle working on an
    AIX machine using gcc.  Here's the short version:
    First I had to recompile perl with gcc, using
            sh Configure -de -Dcc=gcc
    This apparently built a 32 bit perl, someday I will try getting it to go
    64 bit.
    I was then able to install and build DBI 1.50 with the CPAN shell.
    I downloaded the base and sdk packages of the Oracle Instant Client for
    AIX -- first I tried the 64 bit but that didn't work with my 32 bit perl
    -- the 32 bit version (still at did the trick.  I unzipped
    them and moved the dir to /usr/local/oracle/instantclient10_1 and made a
    symlink without the version at /usr/local/oracle/instantclient , then
    export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/local/oracle/instantclient
    Oracle wasn't providing the sqlplus package for 32 bit AIX so I
    explicitly told Makefile.PL the version:
    perl Makefile.PL -V 10.1
    My test databases were on other machines so I set these environment variables
    to get the tests to run:
    export ORACLE_DSN=DBI:Oracle://host/dbinstance
    export ORACLE_USERID="user/password"
    make test
    make install
    NOTE:  I have an older full version of Oracle on this machine, and the
    ORACLE_HOME environment variable is normally set to point to that, so
    my perl scripts that use DBD::Oracle have to make sure to first set
    The following setup worked to build on AIX 5.2:
    gcc-3.3.2 (32-bit) (configure opts [ --with-ld=/usr/ccs/bin/ld --with-as=/usr/ccs/bin/as])
    Oracle-9.2.0 ( full install w/32bit support)
    perl-5.8.3 (built with above gcc/latest stable as of March 2004)
    Followed the directions from Rafael's email below, only set ORACLE_HOME, (and
    the appropriate test environmentals).
    1) build perl-5.8.3 with gcc
    2) install DBI
    3) ORACLE_HOME="your oracle home"
    (I ignored ORACCENV, didn't use it.)
    4) install DBD::Oracle, after perl Makefile.PL, edit the created Makefile,
    changing references to Oracle's ../lib to ../lib32. and change crt0_64.o to
    crt0_r.o. Remove the -q32 and/or -q64 options from the list of libraries to
    link with.
    5) make should be clean, make test should pass.
    This setup worked with 8.1.7 w/32 bit support, and with 9.2.0 w/ 32-bit support.
    --Adrian Terranova

Using xlc_r C Compiler

    From: Rafael Caceres
    Date: 22 Jul 2003 10:05:20 -0500
    The following sequence worked for me on AIX 5.1:
    -use Perl 5.8.0 (the latest stable from CPAN)
    -use the xlc_r version of IBM's compiler and build a 32 bit Perl
    (which xlc_r will do by default). All tests should be successful.
    -get and install DBI
    -get DBD::Oracle. Edit the Makefile.PL or Makefile for DBD::Oracle,
    changing references to Oracle's ../lib to ../lib32. and change crt0_64.o
    to crt0_r.o. Remove the -q32 and/or -q64 options from the list of
    libraries to link with. Do the make and make test.
    -Set up the environment for making DBD::Oracle:
        ORACLE_HOME="your oracle home"
        ORACCENV = "xlc_r"
        ORACLE_SID ..
    -Run make, all tests should be successful -against Oracle 9.x at least.
    You should have no problems with Oracle 8.1.7, but accessing Oracle 7.x
    or previous is not possible (you'll core dump, or simply hang). The same
    goes for a Linux build or a Digital build, regarding access of different
    Oracle versions.
    Rafael Caceres
    > I don't believe I compiled Oracle.  During the installation it was linked
    > but I am not sure it was compiled
    > I used a xlc compiler to compile PERL.
    > Got this message in the Perl Makefile.PL output
    > Warning: You will may need to rebuild perl using the xlc_r compiler.
    >          You may also need do: ORACCENV='cc=xlc_r'; export ORACCENV
    >          Also see the README about the -p option
    > this probably means I need to rebuild PERL with xlc_r??
    > thanx
    > Mike Paladino
    > Database Administrator
    From: Rafael Caceres
    > Make sure you use the same compiler to build Oracle and Perl. We have
    > used xlc_r on Aix 5.1 with no problems. Your Perl build is 32 bit, so
    > when building DBD::Oracle, you should use the 32bit libraries (change
    > references to .../oracle/lib to .../oracle/lib32 in your Makefile).
    > Remove the references to the -q64 or -q32 parameters for ld in Makefile,
    > as they shouldn't be there.
    > Rafael Caceres
    From: "cartman ltd"
    Subject: Tip for DBI and DBD::Oracle on AIX 5.1 and Oracle 9.2
    Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 18:15:38 +0000
    Message-ID: <>
    Here is a tip for compiling DBD::Oracle as a 32 bit application on AIX 5.1
    64 bit and Oracle 9.2 64 bit without editing any makefiles. I hope people
    find this useful:
    First, the versions of products I used:
    DBI version 1.32
    DBD::Oracle version 1.14
    Oracle - default 64 bit application with 32 bit libraries
    AIX 5.1 ML03 - 64 bit kernel - ships with Perl as a 32 bit application.
    VisualAge C/C++ 5.0.2
    Basically DBD must be compiled as 32 bit to link with Perl's 32 bit
    gunzip -c DBD-Oracle-1.14.tar.gz | tar xvf ?
    cd DBD-Oracle-1.14
    perl Makefile.PL -m $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/
    NB: I think there is a bug in the Oracle file
    I corrected this (before running the above commands) by replacing the
    invalid linker option
    Have fun: KC.
    Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:34:24 -0500
    Got it to work.  Using dbd 1.16
    Perl 5.8.4 built like this, with Visual Age 6.0:
    config_args='-Dcc=xlc_r -Dusenm -Dprefix=/appl/datasync/work/perl5
    -Dusethreads -Duse64bitall -des'
    Used DBI 1.42
    Added this to top of Oracle.h:
    #define A_OSF
    #include <oratypes.h>
    Set LIBPATH to point to 64bit Oracle libs first.
    export LIBPATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:$ORACLE_HOME/lib32:/usr/lib
    Use:   perl Makefile.PL -nob
    Change all references in Makefile  of LD_RUN_PATH to be LIBPATH.
    Change nothing else, left all flags in Makefile, including -q64.
    Passed make, and all tests.


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