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DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN(3pm)


DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN - English language metadata


"DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN" provides the english specific grammar and variables. This class is loaded if the user either specifies the english language or implicitly.


Below are some examples of natural language date/time input in english (be aware that the parser does usually not distinguish between lower/upper case; furthermore, many expressions allow for additional leading/trailing time and all times are also parsable with precision in seconds):


 yesterday at noon
 yesterday at midnight
 today at noon
 today at midnight
 tomorrow at noon
 tomorrow at midnight
 this morning
 this afternoon
 this evening
 yesterday morning
 yesterday afternoon
 yesterday evening
 today morning
 today afternoon
 today evening
 tomorrow morning
 tomorrow afternoon
 tomorrow evening
 thursday morning
 thursday afternoon
 thursday evening
 6:00 yesterday
 6:00 today
 6:00 tomorrow
 5am yesterday
 5am today
 5am tomorrow
 4pm yesterday
 4pm today
 4pm tomorrow
 last second
 this second
 next second
 last minute
 this minute
 next minute
 last hour
 this hour
 next hour
 last day
 this day
 next day
 last week
 this week
 next week
 last month
 this month
 next month
 last quarter
 this quarter
 next quarter
 last year
 this year
 next year
 last friday
 this friday
 next friday
 tuesday last week
 tuesday this week
 tuesday next week
 last week wednesday
 this week wednesday
 next week wednesday
 10 seconds ago
 10 minutes ago
 10 hours ago
 10 days ago
 10 weeks ago
 10 months ago
 10 years ago
 in 5 seconds
 in 5 minutes
 in 5 hours
 in 5 days
 in 5 weeks
 in 5 months
 in 5 years
 sunday 11:00
 yesterday at 4:00
 today at 4:00
 tomorrow at 4:00
 yesterday at 6:45am
 today at 6:45am
 tomorrow at 6:45am
 yesterday at 6:45pm
 today at 6:45pm
 tomorrow at 6:45pm
 yesterday at 2:32 AM
 today at 2:32 AM
 tomorrow at 2:32 AM
 yesterday at 2:32 PM
 today at 2:32 PM
 tomorrow at 2:32 PM
 yesterday 02:32
 today 02:32
 tomorrow 02:32
 yesterday 2:32am
 today 2:32am
 tomorrow 2:32am
 yesterday 2:32pm
 today 2:32pm
 tomorrow 2:32pm
 wednesday at 14:30
 wednesday at 02:30am
 wednesday at 02:30pm
 wednesday 14:30
 wednesday 02:30am
 wednesday 02:30pm
 friday 03:00 am
 friday 03:00 pm
 sunday at 05:00 am
 sunday at 05:00 pm
 2nd monday
 100th day
 4th february
 november 3rd
 last june
 next october
 6 am
 8 pm
 06:56:06 am
 06:56:06 pm
 mon 2:35
 1:00 sun
 1am sun
 1pm sun
 1:00 on sun
 1am on sun
 1pm on sun
 12:14 PM
 12:14 AM


 yesterday 7 seconds ago
 yesterday 7 minutes ago
 yesterday 7 hours ago
 yesterday 7 days ago
 yesterday 7 weeks ago
 yesterday 7 months ago
 yesterday 7 years ago
 today 5 seconds ago
 today 5 minutes ago
 today 5 hours ago
 today 5 days ago
 today 5 weeks ago
 today 5 months ago
 today 5 years ago
 tomorrow 3 seconds ago
 tomorrow 3 minutes ago
 tomorrow 3 hours ago
 tomorrow 3 days ago
 tomorrow 3 weeks ago
 tomorrow 3 months ago
 tomorrow 3 years ago
 2 seconds before now
 2 minutes before now
 2 hours before now
 2 days before now
 2 weeks before now
 2 months before now
 2 years before now
 4 seconds from now
 4 minutes from now
 4 hours from now
 4 days from now
 4 weeks from now
 4 months from now
 4 years from now
 6 in the morning
 4 in the afternoon
 9 in the evening
 monday 6 in the morning
 monday 4 in the afternoon
 monday 9 in the evening
 last sunday at 21:45
 monday last week
 6th day last week
 6th day this week
 6th day next week
 12th day last month
 12th day this month
 12th day next month
 1st day last year
 1st day this year
 1st day next year
 1st tuesday last november
 1st tuesday this november
 1st tuesday next november
 11 january next year
 11 january this year
 11 january last year
 6 seconds before yesterday
 6 minutes before yesterday
 6 hours before yesterday
 6 seconds before today
 6 minutes before today
 6 hours before today
 6 seconds before tomorrow
 6 minutes before tomorrow
 6 hours before tomorrow
 3 seconds after yesterday
 3 minutes after yesterday
 3 hours after yesterday
 3 seconds after today
 3 minutes after today
 3 hours after today
 3 seconds after tomorrow
 3 minutes after tomorrow
 3 hours after tomorrow
 10 seconds before noon
 10 minutes before noon
 10 hours before noon
 10 seconds before midnight
 10 minutes before midnight
 10 hours before midnight
 5 seconds after noon
 5 minutes after noon
 5 hours after noon
 5 seconds after midnight
 5 minutes after midnight
 5 hours after midnight
 noon last friday
 midnight last friday
 noon this friday
 midnight this friday
 noon next friday
 midnight next friday
 last friday at 20:00
 this friday at 20:00
 next friday at 20:00
 1:00 last friday
 1:00 this friday
 1:00 next friday
 1am last friday
 1am this friday
 1am next friday
 1pm last friday
 1pm this friday
 1pm next friday
 5 am last monday
 5 am this monday
 5 am next monday
 5 pm last monday
 5 pm this monday
 5 pm next monday
 last wednesday 7am
 this wednesday 7am
 next wednesday 7am
 last wednesday 7pm
 this wednesday 7pm
 next wednesday 7pm
 last tuesday 11 am
 this tuesday 11 am
 next tuesday 11 am
 last tuesday 11 pm
 this tuesday 11 pm
 next tuesday 11 pm
 yesterday at 13:00
 today at 13:00
 tomorrow at 13
 2nd friday in august
 3rd wednesday in november
 tomorrow 1 year ago
 saturday 3 months ago at 17:00
 saturday 3 months ago at 5:00am
 saturday 3 months ago at 5:00pm
 11 january 2 years ago
 4th day last week
 8th month last year
 8th month this year
 8th month next year
 6 mondays from now
 fri 3 months ago at 5am
 wednesday 1 month ago at 8pm
 final thursday in april
 last thursday in april
 beginning of last month
 end of last month


 monday to friday
 1 April to 31 August
 1999-12-31 to tomorrow
 now to 2010-01-01
 2009-03-10 9:00 to 11:00
 26 oct 10:00 am to 11:00 am
 jan 1 to 2
 16:00 nov 6 to 17:00
 may 2nd to 5th
 100th day to 200th
 6am dec 5 to 7am
 30th to 31st dec
 30th to dec 31st
 21:00 to mar 3 22:00
 21:00 to 22:00 mar 3
 10th to 20th day
 1/3 to 2/3
 2/3 to in 1 week
 3/3 21:00 to in 5 days
 first day of 2009 to last day of 2009
 first day of may to last day of may
 first to last day of 2008
 first to last day of september
 for 4 seconds
 for 4 minutes
 for 4 hours
 for 4 days
 for 4 weeks
 for 4 months
 for 4 years


 january 11
 11 january
 18 oct 17:00
 18 oct 5am
 18 oct 5pm
 18 oct 5 am
 18 oct 5 pm
 dec 25
 feb 28 3:00
 feb 28 3am
 feb 28 3pm
 feb 28 3 am
 feb 28 3 pm
 19:00 jul 1
 7am jul 1
 7pm jul 1
 7 am jul 1
 7 pm jul 1
 jan 24, 2011 12:00
 jan 24, 2011 12am
 jan 24, 2011 12pm
 may 27th
 march 1st 2009
 October 2006
 february 14, 2004
 jan 3 2010
 3 jan 2000
 2010 october 28
 1/3 16:00
 3/1 16:00


 1 sec ago
 10 secs ago
 1 min ago
 5 mins ago
 1 hr ago
 3 hrs ago
 1 yr ago
 7 yrs ago
 yesterday @ noon
 tues this week
 final thurs in sep




Steven Schubiger <>


This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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