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zdir_patch - Class for work with directory patches


//  This is a stable class, and may not change except for emergencies. It
//  is provided in stable builds.
#define ZDIR_PATCH_CREATE 1                  // Creates a new file
#define ZDIR_PATCH_DELETE 2                  // Delete a file
//  Create new patch
CZMQ_EXPORT zdir_patch_t *

zdir_patch_new (const char *path, zfile_t *file, int op, const char *alias); // Destroy a patch CZMQ_EXPORT void
zdir_patch_destroy (zdir_patch_t **self_p); // Create copy of a patch. If the patch is null, or memory was exhausted, // returns null. // Caller owns return value and must destroy it when done. CZMQ_EXPORT zdir_patch_t *
zdir_patch_dup (zdir_patch_t *self); // Return patch file directory path CZMQ_EXPORT const char *
zdir_patch_path (zdir_patch_t *self); // Return patch file item CZMQ_EXPORT zfile_t *
zdir_patch_file (zdir_patch_t *self); // Return operation CZMQ_EXPORT int
zdir_patch_op (zdir_patch_t *self); // Return patch virtual file path CZMQ_EXPORT const char *
zdir_patch_vpath (zdir_patch_t *self); // Calculate hash digest for file (create only) CZMQ_EXPORT void
zdir_patch_digest_set (zdir_patch_t *self); // Return hash digest for patch file CZMQ_EXPORT const char *
zdir_patch_digest (zdir_patch_t *self); // Self test of this class. CZMQ_EXPORT void
zdir_patch_test (bool verbose); Please add '@interface' section in './../src/zdir_patch.c'.


The zdir_patch class works with one patch, which says "create this file" or "delete this file" (referring to a zfile item each time).

Please add @discuss section in ./../src/zdir_patch.c.


From zdir_patch_test method.

const char *SELFTEST_DIR_RW = "src/selftest-rw";
const char *testfile = "bilbo";
const char *prefix   = "/";
char *prefixed_testfile = zsys_sprintf ("%s%s", prefix, testfile);
assert (prefixed_testfile);
// Make sure old aborted tests do not hinder us
zsys_file_delete (prefixed_testfile);
zfile_t *file = zfile_new (SELFTEST_DIR_RW, testfile);
assert (file);
zdir_patch_t *patch = zdir_patch_new (SELFTEST_DIR_RW, file, patch_create, prefix);
assert (patch);
zfile_destroy (&file);
file = zdir_patch_file (patch);
assert (file);
assert (streq (zfile_filename (file, SELFTEST_DIR_RW), testfile));
assert (streq (zdir_patch_vpath (patch), prefixed_testfile));
zdir_patch_destroy (&patch);
zstr_free (&prefixed_testfile);
#if defined (__WINDOWS__)


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Copyright (c) the Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file. This file is part of CZMQ, the high-level C binding for 0MQ: This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at LICENSE included with the czmq distribution.


01/17/2021 CZMQ 4.2.1