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Config::Model::models::Itself::Class(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::models::Itself::Class(3pm)


Config::Model::models::Itself::Class - Configuration class Itself::Class


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

Configuration class. This class represents a node of a configuration tree.



Explain the purpose of this configuration class. This description is re-used to generate the documentation of your configuration class. You can use pod markup to format your description. See perlpod for details. Optional. Type string.


Optional. Type string.


String used to construct a summary of the content of a node. This parameter is used by user interface to show users the gist of the content of this node. This parameter has no other effect. This string may contain element values in the form ""{foo} or {bar}"". When constructing the gist, "{foo}" is replaced by the value of element "foo". Likewise for "{bar}". Optional. Type string.


Optional. Type list of uniline.

Optional. Type list of uniline.

class - Override implementation of configuration node

Perl class name used to override the default implementation of a configuration node. This Perl class must inherit Config::Model::Node. Use with care. Optional. Type uniline.


Specify the elements names of this configuration class. Optional. Type hash of node of class Itself::Element .


Include the element description of another class into this class. Optional. Type list of reference.


Include the read/write specification of another class into this class. Optional. Type list of reference.


insert the included elements after a specific element. By default, included elements are placed before all other elements. Optional. Type reference.


When set, this class was generated by some program. You should not edit this class as your modifications may be clobbered later on when the class is regenerated. Optional. Type uniline.


Specify the backend used to read and write configuration data. See Config::Model::BackendMgr for details. Optional. Type node of class Itself::ConfigReadWrite .


Specifies names of the elements this configuration class accepts as valid. The key of the hash is a regular expression that are be tested against
candidate parameters. When the parameter matches the regular expression,
a new parameter is created in the model using the description provided
in the value of this hash key. Note that the regexp must match the whole name
of the potential parameter. I.e. the specified regexp is eval'ed
with a leading "^" and a trailing "$". Optional. Type hash of node of class Itself::ConfigAccept .


  • cme
  • Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigAccept
  • Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigReadWrite
  • Config::Model::models::Itself::Element



2007-2011 Dominique Dumont.


2021-01-22 perl v5.32.0