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Config::Model::Dpkg(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::Dpkg(3pm)


Config::Model::Dpkg - Edit and validate Dpkg source files


invoke editor

The following command must be run in a package source directory. When run, cme will load most files from "debian" directory and launch a graphical editor:

 cme edit dpkg

You can choose to edit only "debian/control" or "debian/copyright":

 cme edit dpkg-control
 cme edit dpkg-copyright

Or edit debian patches headers, all at once:

 cme edit dpkg-patches # note patches with 'es'

Or one patch at a time:

 cme edit dpkg-patch debian/patches/foo

Patch can be specified using the patch name:

 cme edit dpkg-patch foo

Just check dpkg files

You can also use cme to run sanity checks on the source files:

 cme check dpkg

Fix warnings

When run, cme may issue several warnings regarding the content of your file. You can choose to fix (most of) these warnings with the command:

 cme fix dpkg

check and arbitrary file

You can specify another file to check:

  cme check dpkg-copyright foobar

This applies only to "dpkg-control", "dpkg-copyright" or "dpkg-patch".


This code snippet will change the maintainer address in control file:

 use Config::Model ;
 use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy) ;
 my $model = Config::Model -> new ( ) ;
 my $inst = $model->instance (root_class_name => 'Dpkg');
 $inst -> config_root ->load("control source Maintainer=foo@bedian.arg") ;
 $inst->write_back() ;


This module provides a configuration editor (and models) for the files of a Debian source package. (i.e. most of the files contained in the "debian" directory of a source package).

This module can also be used to modify safely the content of these files from a Perl programs.

user interfaces

As mentioned in cme, several user interfaces are available:

  • A graphical interface is proposed by default if Config::Model::TkUI is installed.
  • A Fuse virtual file system with option "cme fusefs dpkg -fuse_dir <mountpoint>" if Fuse is installed (Linux only)

package dependency checks

Package dependencies are checked on several points:

  • Whether the package is available in Debian (from sid to old-stable)
  • If the package is a known virtual package. Known means listed in Debian packaging manual or known by the author. Feel free to log a bug against libconfig-model-dpkg-perl if a virtual package is missing. But please don't log a bug if the virtual package is used only during a transition.
  • If a package older that the required version are available in Debian (from sid to old-stable). If not, cme will offer you the possibility to clean up the versioned dependency with "cme fix dpkg" command.
  • The syntax of the dependency (including version requirement and arch specification).
  • Consistency of alternate dependency for Perl libraries

These checks only generate warnings. Most of these checks can be fixed with "cme fix dpkg" command.


Migrate old package file

Most of old syntax can be automatically migrated to newer parameters with

  cme migrate dpkg

This migration can be limited to "control" or "copyright" files:

  cme migrate dpkg-control
  cme migrate dpkg-copyright

Restore GPL summary to default value:

  cme modify dpkg-copyright ~~ 'License:GPL text~'

Dump copyright file content in a format usable with "cme modify":

  $ cme dump dpkg-copyright
  Comment="Native package. This package is a spin-off from
  libconfig-model-perl. Upstream (who is also the debian packager)
  decided to create a Debian native package for the Debian specific
  parts of Config::Model"
    Copyright="2005-2013, Dominique Dumont <>"
      short_name=LGPL-2.1+ - -
    text="   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
     it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
     published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the
     License, or (at your option) any later version.
     On Debian GNU/Linux systems, the complete text of version 2.1 of the GNU
     Lesser General Public License can be found in `/usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-2.1'" - -

modify a value with the command line:

 cme modify dpkg-copyright ~~ 'Comment="Modified with cme"'

Or apply more systematic changes. This example updates copyright years for all "Files" entries in "debian/copyright":

 cme modify dpkg-copyright ~~ 'Files:~/./ Copyright=~"s/2013/2014/"'

remove an uploader from control files

 cme modify dpkg control source Uploaders:-~/johndoe/


 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ source Uploaders:-~/dod/

If you want to remove a guy named Ian, you'll have to be a little more specific to avoid removing all debian developers:

 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ source Uploaders:-="Ian Smith<>"

add a new uploader

The quotes are required otherwise bash will complain. These 2 commands give the same results:

 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:<"John Doe<>"'
 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:.push("John Doe<>")'

Add an uploader to a sorted list of Uploaders (yes, insort, with a 'o', not "insert" with a 'e'):

 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:.insort("John Doe<>")'

The above command make sense only if the list is sorted. Let's sort the list of uploaders:

 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:@'
 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:.sort'

The 2 commands can be combined:

 cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'source Uploaders:.sort Uploaders:.insort("John Doe<>")'

The "modify" command of cme uses the syntax defined by Config::Model::Loader. See "load string syntax" in Config::Model::Loader


Config::Model design does not really cope well with a some detail of Debian patch header specification <> (aka DEP-3). Description and subject are both authorized, but only one of them is required and using the 2 is forbidden. So, both fields are accepted, but subject is stored as description in the configuration tree. "cme fix" or "cme edit" will write back a description field.


In alphabetical order:

 Andrej Shadura
 Axel Beckert
 Bas Couwenberg
 Cyrille Bollu
 Gregor Herrmann
 Guillem Jover
 Josh Triplett
 Paul Wise
 Ross Vandegrift
 Salvatore Bonaccorso
 Xavier Guimard

Thanks all.


Dominique Dumont, (dod at debian dot org)


2021-01-25 perl v5.32.0