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ost::File(3) Library Functions Manual ost::File(3)




#include <file.h>

Inherited by ost::Dir, and ost::RandomFile.


struct _fcb

Public Types

enum Error { errSuccess = 0, errNotOpened, errMapFailed, errInitFailed, errOpenDenied, errOpenFailed, errOpenInUse, errReadInterrupted, errReadIncomplete, errReadFailure, errWriteInterrupted, errWriteIncomplete, errWriteFailure, errLockFailure, errExtended }
enum Access { accessReadOnly = O_RDONLY, accessWriteOnly = O_WRONLY, accessReadWrite = O_RDWR }
enum Open { openReadOnly = O_RDONLY, openWriteOnly = O_WRONLY, openReadWrite = O_RDWR, openAppend = O_WRONLY | O_APPEND, openSync = O_RDWR, openTruncate = O_RDWR | O_TRUNC }
enum Attr { attrInvalid = 0, attrPrivate = 0400 | 0200, attrGroup = attrPrivate | 0040 | 0020, attrPublic = attrGroup | 0004 | 0002 }
enum Mapping { mappedRead = accessReadOnly, mappedWrite = accessWriteOnly, mappedReadWrite = accessReadWrite }
enum Complete { completionImmediate, completionDelayed, completionDeferred }
typedef enum Error Error
typedef enum Access Access
typedef enum Open Open
typedef enum Attr Attr
typedef enum Complete Complete
typedef enum Mapping Mapping

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getExtension (const char *path)
static const char * getFilename (const char *path)
static char * getFilename (const char *path, char *buffer, size_t size=64)
static char * getDirname (const char *path, char *buffer, size_t size=256)
static char * getRealpath (const char *path, char *buffer, size_t size=256)

Protected Types

typedef struct ost::File::_fcb fcb_t

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef enum Access ost::File::Access

typedef enum Attr ost::File::Attr

typedef enum Complete ost::File::Complete

typedef enum Error ost::File::Error

typedef struct ost::File::_fcb ost::File::fcb_t [protected]

typedef enum Mapping ost::File::Mapping

typedef enum Open ost::File::Open

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ost::File::Access


enum ost::File::Attr


enum ost::File::Complete


enum ost::File::Error


enum ost::File::Mapping


enum ost::File::Open


Member Function Documentation

static char* ost::File::getDirname (const char * path, char * buffer, size_t size = 256) [static]

static const char* ost::File::getExtension (const char * path) [static]

static const char* ost::File::getFilename (const char * path) [static]

static char* ost::File::getFilename (const char * path, char * buffer, size_t size = 64) [static]

static char* ost::File::getRealpath (const char * path, char * buffer, size_t size = 256) [static]


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