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Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ALEPHSEQ(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ALEPHSEQ(3pm)


Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ALEPHSEQ - Exporter for MARC records to Ex Libris' Aleph sequential


    # From the command line
    $ catmandu convert MARC to MARC --type ALEPHSEQ < /foo/data.mrc
    # From Perl
    use Catmandu;
    my $importer = Catmandu->importer('MARC', file => "/foo/bar.mrc" , type => 'ISO');
    my $exporter = Catmandu->exporter('MARC', file => "marc.txt", type => 'ALEPHSEQ' );


Write output to a local file given by its path or file handle. Alternatively a scalar reference can be passed to write to a string and a code reference can be used to write to a callback function.
Write the output to an IO::Handle. If not specified, Catmandu::Util::io is used to create the output handle from the "file" argument or by using STDOUT.
An ARRAY of one or more fixes or file scripts to be applied to exported items.
Binmode of the output stream "fh". Set to "":utf8"" by default.
Set the value of the default "FMT" field when none is given. Set to "BK" by default.


See Catmandu::Exporter, Catmandu::Addable, Catmandu::Fixable, Catmandu::Counter, and Catmandu::Logger for a full list of methods.



2019-02-25 perl v5.28.1