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Catmandu::FileStore(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Catmandu::FileStore(3pm)


Catmandu::FileStore - Namespace for packages that can make files persistent


    # From the command line
    # Export a list of all file containers
    $ catmandu export File::Simple --root t/data to YAML
    # Export a list of all files in container '1234'
    $ catmandu export File::Simple --root t/data --bag 1234 to YAML
    # Add a file to the container '1234'
    $ catmandu stream /tmp/myfile.txt to File::Simple --root t/data --bag 1234 --id myfile.txt
    # Download the file 'myfile.txt' from the container '1234'
    $ catmandu stream File::Simple --root t/data --bag 1234 --id myfile.txt to /tmp/output.txt
    # Delete the file 'myfile.txt' from the container '1234'
    $ catmandu delete File::Simple --root t/data --bag 1234 --id myfile.txt
    # From Perl
    use Catmandu;
    my $store = Catmandu->store('File::Simple' , root => 't/data');
    # List all containers
    $store->index->each(sub {
        my $container = shift;
        print "%s\n" , $container->{_id};
    # Add a new container
    $store->index->add({ _id => '1234' });
    # Get the container
    my $files = $store->index->files('1234');
    # Add a file to the container
    $files->upload(IO::File->new('<foobar.txt'), 'foobar.txt');
    my $file = $files->get('foobar.txt');
    # Stream the contents of a file
    $files->stream(IO::File->new('>foobar.txt'), $file);
    # Delete a file
    # Delete a container


Each Catmandu::FileStore is a Catmandu::Store and inherits all its methods,

A Catmandu::FileStore is package to store and retrieve binary content in an filesystem, memory or a network. A "Catmandu::FileStore" contains one or more "Catmandu::FileBag" which is a kind of folder.

Each "Catmandu::FileBag" contains one or more files.

One special "Catmandu::FileBag" is the "index" and contains the listing of all "Catmandu::FileBag" in the "Catmandu::FileStore".


The name of the index bag to use when no bag name is give. The index bag is a bag containing a listing of all "Catmandu::FileBag"-s in the Store.

    my $index = $store->index;
    $index->each(sub {
        my $bag = shift;
        printf "%s\n" , $bag->{_id};
The default class implementation to use for an index of "Catmandu::FileBag"-s. By default this is the "Catmandu::FileStore" implementation with '::Index' added.



Create or retieve a bag with name $name. Returns a Catmandu::FileBag.


Returns the index Catmandu::FileBag for the Catmandu::FileStore.

  my $index = $store->index;
  # Add a new file container
  $index->add({ _id => '1234'});
  # Anf use it...
  my $container = $store->bag('1234');
  $container->upload(IO::File->new('data.txt') , 'data.txt');


Return the current logger. Can be used when creating your own Stores.


    package Catmandu::Store::Hash;
    sub generator {
        my ($self) = @_;
        $self->log->debug("generating record");

See also: Catmandu for activating the logger in your main code.


Patrick Hochstenbach, "<patrick.hochstenbach at>"

Nicolas Steenlant, "<nicolas.steenlant at>"

Nicolas Franck, "<nicolas.franck at>"


Catmandu::Store::File::Simple, Catmandu::Store::File::Memory, Catmandu::FileBag


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See <> for more information.

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