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Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Curried(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Curried(3pm)


Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Curried - Curried versions of "cache_set", "cache_get" and "cache_remove" that look more like a backend.


    my $curried = $c->cache( %meta );
    $curried->get( $key, $value ); # no need to specify %meta


See "META DATA" in Catalyst::Plugin::Cache for details.


Create a new curried cache, that captures %meta.
This calls "choose_cache_backend" on the $c object with the captured meta and the additional meta.
Dellegate to the "c" object's "cache_set", "cache_get", "cache_remove" or "cache_compute" with the arguments, then the captured meta from "meta", and then the additional meta.
Returns the array ref that captured %meta from "new".
The captured $c object to delegate to.
2021-01-04 perl v5.32.0