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Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton::WithParameters(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton::WithParameters(3pm)


Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton::WithParameters - singleton lifecycle role for a parameterized service


version 0.37


Sub-role of Bread::Board::LifeCycle, this role defines the "singleton" lifecycle for a parameterized service. The "get" method will only do its work the first time it is invoked for each set of parameters; subsequent invocations with the same parameters will return the same object.



Hashref mapping keys to objects, used to cache the results of "get"



Generates a key using "generate_instance_key" (passing it all the arguments); if the "instances" attribute does not hold an object for that key, it will build it (by calling the underlying "get" method) and store it in "instances". The object (either retrieved from "instances" or freshly built) will be returned.


Generates a (hopefully) unique key from the given arguments (usually, whatever was passed to "get"). The current implementation stringifies all arguments, so different references to identical values will be considered different.


Stevan Little <>


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