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Boulder::String(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Boulder::String(3pm)


Boulder::String - Read and write tag/value data from a string.


   # Read a B<Stone> from stdin and create a string that can be 
   # passed to a dumb sub, which doesn't know about Stones.
   use Boulder::Stream;
   use Boulder::String;
   my $stream = Boulder::Stream->newFh;
   # read a stone from stdin
   my $record = <$stream> );
      print $stream $record;


Boulder::String provides access to Boulder IO hierarchical tag/value data. Stone objects printed to the tied string are appended to the string in Boulder format.

Boulder::Stream METHODS

$stream = Boulder::Stream->new($in_string,\$out_string);

The new() method creates a new Boulder::String object. You must provide an input string and a reference to an output string. The input string may be empty.


Write the passed stone in Boulder IO format into $out_string.


Lincoln D. Stein <>, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. This module can be used and distributed on the same terms as Perl itself.

Patches and bug fixes contributed by Bernhard Schmalhofer <>.


Boulder, Boulder::Stream, Boulder::Blast, Boulder::Genbank, Boulder::Medline, Boulder::Unigene, Boulder::Omim, Boulder::SwissProt

2021-01-05 perl v5.32.0