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AuGetErrorDatabaseText(3) Library Functions Manual AuGetErrorDatabaseText(3)


AuGetErrorDatabaseText - get an error message from the error database


#include <audio/audiolib.h>

void AuGetErrorDatabaseText(server, name, message, default_string, buffer_return, length)
AuServer *server;
char *name;
char *message;
char *default_string;
char *buffer_return; /* RETURN */
int length;


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies the name of the application.
Specifies the type of the error message.
Specifies the default error message if none is found in the database.
Returns the error description.
Specifies the size of the buffer.


The AuGetErrorDatabaseText function copies the default_string and returns it in buffer_return. The name and message arguments are ignored.

See Also

AuServerName, AuGetErrorText, AuSetErrorHandler, AuSetIOErrorHandler, AuSynchronize.

audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

1.9.4 audiolib - error handling