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Arch::LiteWeb(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::LiteWeb(3pm)


Arch::LiteWeb - simple way to access web pages


    my $web = Arch::LiteWeb->new;
    my $content = $web->get("http://some.domain:81/some/path");
    die $web->error . " while processing " . $web->request_url
        unless $content;
    my $content_type = $web->response_headers->{content_type};


This class provides a basic and easy to use support for the client-side HTTP. It is supplied in order to avoid dependency on LWP. If such dependency is not a problem, consider to use LWP instead that provides much better support for HTTP and other protocols.


The following class methods are available:

get, post, request_url, error, error_with_url, network_error, response_code, response_codestr, response_error, response_headers, response_content.

Execute HTTP get of the given url and return the html string or undef on network/response error. Use other methods to get the details about the error and the response.

params is key-value hash, the following keys are supported:

    url_host            - only used if url is none
    url_port            - only used if url is none (80)
    url_path            - only used if url is none
    endl                - default is "\015\012"
    timeout             - default is 20 seconds
    user_agent          - default is "Arch::LiteWeb/0.1"
    nocache             - add a no-cache header
    noredirect          - don't follow redirect responses
    max_redirect_depth  - default is 5
    use_proxy           - default is false
    proxy_url           - proxy url ($http_proxy supported too)
    proxy_host          - only used if proxy_url is none
    proxy_port          - only used if proxy_url is none (80)
Not implemented yet.
Actual url of the last issued request or undef. If partial redirect responses are enabled, then the result is the last (non-redirect) url.
If the last request resulted in error (i.e. get/post returned undef), then this method returns the error message, otherwise it returns undef. This is just a shortcut for network_error || response_error.
Like error, but with "\nwhile fetching request_url\n" text appended if non undef.
The network error message for the last request or undef.
The response error message for the last request or undef.
The last response code (integer) or undef.
The last response code (string) or undef.
The last response headers (hashref of HTTP headers) or undef.
The last response content or undef. This is the same thing that the last get/post returns.


Not intended for use in mission-critical applications.


Mikhael Goikhman (


For more information, see LWP, LWP::Simple.

2005-03-25 perl v5.20.2