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Arch::Library(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::Library(3pm)


Arch::Library - access arch revision libraries


    use Arch::Library;
    my $library = Arch::Library->new;
    my $rev  = '';
    my $log  = $library->get_revision_log($rev);
    my $cset = $library->get_revision_changeset($rev);


Arch::Library provides an interface to access pristine trees, changesets and logs stored in local revision libraries.


The following common methods (inherited and pure virtual that this class implements) are documented in Arch::Storage:

new, init, working_name, working_names, fixup_name_alias, is_archive_managed, expanded_revisions.

archives, categories, branches, versions, revisions, get_revision_descs, expanded_archive_info, get_revision_changeset, get_changeset, get_revision_log, get_log.

Additionally, the following methods are available:

fallback_dir, working_revision, add_revision, find_revision_tree, find_tree.

Get or set the fallback directory. Defaults to "undef".

If no revision library exists, the fallback directory will be used as revision library when adding revisions with add_revision.

Get or set the default revision for find_tree, get_changeset and get_log.
Returns the path to the revision library structure for revision revision or working_revision.

Returns an empty string if revision is not in the revision library and autoadd is not set. If autoadd is set, revision will be added to the revision library.


No known bugs.


Mikhael Goikhman (

Enno Cramer (


For more information, see tla, Arch::Storage, Arch::Library.

2005-09-17 perl v5.20.2