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LAVA-RUN(1) General Commands Manual LAVA-RUN(1)
" "LAVA"


lava-run - run jobs on LAVA devices


lava-run runs a LAVA test job on the reserved device, as scheduled by the lava-scheduler and publish the test result back to the server. Jobs are scheduled by the server but can also be run by calling lava-run directly.

You can see an up-to-date list of supported target devices by looking at the device types on the relevant server.


[--url URL] [--token token] --device PATH [--dispatcher PATH] [--env-dut PATH] [--debug] definition


definition job definition
show this help message and exit
Job identifier. This alters process name for easier debugging
Directory for temporary resources
validate the job file, do not execute any steps. The description is saved into description.yaml
Start remote pdb right before running the job, for debugging

URL of the server to send logs
token for server authentication

Device configuration
Dispatcher configuration
DUT environment

For more information on writing job definition and tests, look at:


Linaro Validation Team


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