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labelme(1) User Commands labelme(1)


labelme - Image Polygonal Annotation with Python


usage: labelme [-h] [--version] [--reset-config]

[--logger-level {debug,info,warning,fatal,error}] [--output OUTPUT] [--config CONFIG_FILE] [--nodata] [--autosave] [--nosortlabels] [--flags FLAGS] [--labelflags LABEL_FLAGS] [--labels LABELS] [--validatelabel {exact,instance}] [--keep-prev] [--epsilon EPSILON] [filename]

positional arguments:

image or label filename

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
show version
reset qt config
logger level
output file or directory (if it ends with .json it is recognized as file, else as directory)
config file (default: /root/.labelmerc)
stop storing image data to JSON file
auto save
stop sorting labels
comma separated list of flags OR file containing flags
yaml string of label specific flags OR file containing json string of label specific flags (ex. {person-\d+: [male, tall], dog-\d+: [black, brown, white], .*: [occluded]})
comma separated list of labels OR file containing labels
label validation types
keep annotation of previous frame
epsilon to find nearest vertex on canvas
June 2019 labelme 3.16.1